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All praise the God.

(с)пизжено с тумбы
Ал, Сора, я смотрю на вас! хД

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Wild Space, somewhere

All praise the God.
- You could show them as a man.
- I'm not a man, I prefer to be the God.
- As you choose. This was rather eccentric. You see, they know your card now. They still don't know about mine. Learning... is power.
- Oh, this - is not a card. Just how the things are, I don't want them to misunderstand. I was claiming for God the first time you and me met, remember?
- I meant you by your card. Who you are. Wasn't about to call you pretender or something.
- It's somehow political. You are the Champion, the King - you rule them, that's your and their system, on my side it's another thing. I'm not going to be any kind of Champion, not going to claim Origin's throne myself, what I showed them was my desired place. Couldn't figure a better way.
- They now know that their Champion is... not afraid of a God. Talks to him like with an old friend. You did me a favor.

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All praise the God.
Это просто должно быть здесь.

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All praise the God.
Это все еще слишком охуительно.

[0:10:56] 50k V.: - 6 лет назад я сказал 3 слова. если ты вообще их слышал, то эт, я до сих пор это имею в виду.
- ну. я помню.
[0:11:10] 50k V.: Я не могу

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Aurora Base. Location: Origin System. Somewhere.